Dave rubs.
You feel better.
        Pretty simple, huh?

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Three Months Through My Eighteenth Year!

Thanks to all my clients!

(who keep this work fascinating!)

With all due respect to the economy,
Dave will keep his prices low
(and the quality high)
 for yet another month:

45 minutes for $65
60 minutes for $85
75 minutes for $100
90 minutes for $120
120 minutes for $160

(housecall surcharges depend on distance traveled)






whether it's from weeding the garden,
too many head snaps in The March of the Wooden Soldiers,
delayed Seasonal Affective Disorder,
steeply raked stages in Madama Butterfly,
picking up your toddler and resting her on your hip for three hours,
playing a no-chin-rest Baroque Violin at one too many Messiahs,
or working out too hard so that you can look good on the beach even though you've had comfort food every night since last Labor Day...

...Dave will help you recover from whatever the Universe is dishing out to you
air conditioning and/or a heated massage table
and, always, a warm heart.

(Speaking of hearts,
a massage makes a great gift to a loved one!)

Call him NOW to book an appointment:
(start with *82 if you have blocked your caller ID)
or e-mail:


My massages can best be described as eclectic, based in the Swedish tradition, with features from
Myofascial Release,
      Trigger Point Therapies,
            Deep Tissue,
               Sports Massage, and
                 Medical Massage,
depending on what you need and/or want. Some of these modalities I learned in classes and workshops and some from other practitioners.

Education (most recent first):
Earned a degree in Massage Therapy from
    The Swedish Institute in New York City.

BA from
    The University of Pennsylvania.

Regents Diploma with Honors from
    New Dorp High School.

Six long years at
    Yeshiva Teferith Schmuel Ezra.

Kindergarten and First Grade at
    P.S. 10.  

Licensed to practice as a Massage Therapist in New York State.  Click here for verification:
NYS Professions: Online Verifications

In My Humble Opinion:
Just so you know, a NYS license does NOT mean that the bodyworker is any good. Some of my favorite (meaning most talented) masseurs have no license, and some of the licensed ones are so awful I stopped the massage after ten minutes, paid them in full, and left.  The only benefits derived from having a license are the ability to work in licensed health clubs and spas, the ability to write a receipt for my clients who have flex-pay, and the ability to get malpractice insurance. And, f
or those who worry about such things, the New York State license requires me to be discreet as part of the client/practitioner relationship.

I do not discriminate against any person because of age, ancestry, color, disability or handicap, national origin, race, religious creed, sex, sexual orientation, or veteran status. However, if you are under 18, you need to have a parent or guardian present... if not actually in the same room, at least within earshot.


As a licensed massage therapist, I pride myself
on my intuitive and knowledgeable touch.
I have the ability to really dig deep into muscles, or to use a feather-light touch,
and everything in between.
Whether to help heal injuries,
relax tight muscles, 
or relieve everyday stress,
I feel certain that I can help you.

Still, you should choose a massage therapist as carefully as you would a psychotherapist.
So, ask around, shop around,
do what you need to do...

but, please...

...don't let this happen to you!




The portrait on the upper right is by Andrew Strawcutter (andrew6@optonline.net); all other photographs on this site by Lester Blum (lbphoto18@aol.com).

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And yes, it's true, for those of you who knew me when, I was once known as David Schnittman. It's a long story.


   ... a license to heal